Miura will never lie to all of us, right? is the boat ride finally over?


you know, i really wonder about noel and caius’s relationship.

like, noel must’ve looked up to caius at some point. maybe not as a parental figure, per se, but i think he really came to see him in a familial sort of light. i mean, he was his master for swordsmanship, after all, and the only…

It won’t get resolved. I wish Noel had reacted at least to seeing Caius again. 

you can't believe in everything you're told.
sometimes, it's nobody that wins.


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They’ll soon be back, stronger than ever..


Rigardo for rigardothelionking

Only the colour is mine.

When you’re browsing through the Berserk tag…


…and run across somebody arguing that “Griffith didn’t do anything wrong!”


Prince Edward (1965) - Prince George (2014)