Final Fantasy XIII’s Finale Explained!

I can finally explain the ending correctly this time. :)

Some people say XIII’s ending was the result of a Deus Ex Machina, well they’d be correct to a degree.

A character or thing that suddenly enters the story in a novel, play, movie, etc., and solves a problem that had previously seemed impossible to solve.

Except for two small things

1. Etro didn’t do everything during the finale.

2. Etro was briefly alluded to before the journey back to Cocoon but most people miss it because the English of FFXIII was hit with a terrible localization. Here’s the JP version of the cutscene.

The Analect


Her Providence sought nothing.
Her Providence made nothing.
She but looked on, silent in Her sorrow.

The Goddess pitied mortals, destined as they were to die, and so She deigned to intervene in the hour of their greatest peril.

She averted cataclysm that was to be, and put to rest the ones who would have robbed so many of what time fate had ordained.

Her compassion did not end at this.

The Goddess pitied also those subjected to that fate of Focus, crueler still than death. To them She sent Her messengers, to deliver hope when all was lost.


The goddess sought nothing.
The goddess made nothing.
The goddess only pities.

The goddess pities those destined for death and so she placed those who were to take countless lives to sleep and prevented the destruction.

Even more so than those bound for death, she pities those bound to a cruel mission. To those who become worn by despair and lose sight of their path, she sends her messengers; to guide them towards hope.

1. Hints at Etro’s presence 



Those crystal shards represent two things

1. They’re the souls of the dead.

2. They symbolize Etro’s power is at work.


 When the game zoomed in here on Etro’s Gate, it mean’t Etro was doing something important like when she reverted Fang’s transformation. 

2. The Cie’th thing

It was real and not an illusion that “fal’Cie” smoke and mirrors” crap was said because Light thought that returning to human beings was a trick.

They returned to human form because they combined their strength of Will with Etro’s power. Hence the following


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